Equality 2020

This all began as a way to collaborate during lockdown.
I’m studying my MA in Fine Art and one of the things they look for is collaborative work.
But in lockdown we were suddenly limited as to how and who we could access.
I’ve always had an affinity to snails and as the rain brought them out in my garden, I pondered the concept of collaborating with them.
And here we are now.
3 months on and 9 snails take it in turns to work with me; creating trails and marks using the pigments I create organically at home so that no harm comes to them at all.

But it’s also so relevant now.

We are in a unique position because of the Covid-19 global crisis. 

This is our chance to start again, to rebuild society in a way that puts human life first. A community that values each other and looks after each other.
This is our chance to strip away all the issues of sexism, racism, capitalism, consumerism that have existed so toxically within our society until now.