Muir 2020

This was Zinnia’s last piece with us.  She has moved on now, but will always be remembered through her art.

This piece represents the sea.  

The Muir.

The colours and the ever changing surface.

The depths.

The unknown.

We were finally allowed to gather for my Uncles goodbye.  It has been months since we lost him, but lockdown stopped us being together.

So we gathered, at last, as a clan and we said a proper goodbye.

We sprinkled his ashes in the sea.

The sea he lived by.

The sea we all grew up by and spent most of our lives swimming in.

It’s a huge part of who we are as a family.

As his ashes met the Muir, the water turned the most stunning turquoise.

Brighter than I have ever seen it in this country.

I feel like that was his last goodbye to us.

We drank and sang and remembered him.

A true Muir people send off.

I was raised of the sea.

It’s part of me.