Orenda 2020

Orenda – A force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world.

This painting is titled so because of the symbol that emerged from it.

I have been working on my own, symbolic language, using the glyphs I find within the snails writing.

The symbol I found in this piece I have used to represent ‘inner strength’ and thus this piece of work has been titled Orenda.

You may be currently feeling drained, lost, exhausted and like you simply don’t know how this will all turn out.

Maybe you lost someone, lost a job, lost a home, lost your faith.

Whatever happened to you, remember you are strong.

You have a strength in you that is far greater than anyone around you can ever imagine.

It doesn’t matter how others see you.

It matters how you see yourself.

Stand in front of your mirror.

Take a sharpie.

Write all the nice things you would say to someone else in your position and then draw arrows that point to you.

Don’t wipe this off.

Keep this.

Remember this.

You have an inner strength that will get you through.

Believe in yourself.