Wandering 2020

We are at a unique point in human history.
2020 – pandemic – lockdown

A common conversation is how we will re-focus our society when lock down is ended.
Will we automatically revert to a capitalist society based on greed and want?
A consumerist society that prioritises entertainment and celebrity status above that of key workers and the healthcare system?

This is our chance to start again, to rebuild society in a way that puts human life first. A community that values each other and looks after each other.
This is our chance to strip away all the issues of sexism, racism, capitalism, consumerism that have existed so toxically within our society until now.

NOW we have been given the chance to start again, making the right choices, the choices that benefit humanity as a whole; not just those born to wealth.
But those who contribute to society, those who contribute to humanity, those who care enough to make a difference.

This is a time for change. Change for good.
I am working with snails. Why? Snails are still all around me even when people can’t be. They don’t prioritise entertainment above their health and basic needs.
They search for food, water and a safe place to sleep.
Basic ‘human’ rights that so many humans don’t have.

These snails are representative of our society and are using this blank page to start again.
They are only using natural materials to create their art. The art that represents the rare opportunity we find ourselves in. The opportunity to start again and build the society we want and deserve.
A society with basic needs put first, no gender roles just equality. Each individual seen as important as the next.

These snails are leading the way with their wandering, the way of beginning. The ‘new normal’.
We need to be following suit.

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